What is known about LARIMAR and it´s available quantity?

What is known about LARIMAR and it´s available quantity?

Posted on September 01 2015

The beautiful turquoise gemstone, Larimar, can be found in only one single spot on earth; in the Dominican Republic in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. 


How does Larimar look like in the mine?

The so called ´Atlantis stone´ occurs as needle-like crystals. These crystals are grown together and were created by volcanic activities and therefore formed in cavities within basaltic lava.

Larimar is famous for it´s mixture of blue and turquoise shades with patterns of white streaks. Since there is Calcium in the Pectolite (instead of copper) these soft blue colors are created. The Larimar stones may also contain brownish red-looking areas that are causes by oxidation or Hematite inclusions.

Since it is quite tricky to find a piece of Larimar that only contains the stunning color play of blue and turquoise these are the most precious stones. The more intense turquoise color the jewel has, the higher is it´s value because of it´s rareness.


But since there is only one place in the world where Larimar occurs, what is known about it´s quantities?

It is not much known of the capacity that the only Larimar mine in the world still has. Because of this uncertainty Larimar becomes more and more precious because the available quantity is a mystery game.

Another factor is that Far East manufacturers buy large quantities of raw Larimar stones that they use for their productions in Asia. Hopefully the Dominican government will step in soon and put some regulations in place in order to keep Larimar also for the near future available. 

Therefore get your hands on our beautiful Larimar jewelry now before it´s too late.


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