LARIMAR - the ´Stone of Atlantis´

LARIMAR - the ´Stone of Atlantis´

Posted on September 01 2015


The American mystic Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1947) was a popular clairvoyant and psychic. He answered questions while he was in trance that varied between healing, the future, reincarnation and Atlantis. Cayce has been referred as a prophet and a so called ´seer´. He did approx.14.000 readings during his lifetime and would answer questions in trance, that he would not remember afterwards.


The ´Sleeping Prophet` believed strongly in the existence of Atlantis and was convinced that it must be in the Caribbean Sea. Cayce also predicted that a blue stone would be found in the future that would come with extraordinary healing attributes. Many people believe that he was referring to Larimar as it clearly has a spiritual and healing power.



Beside Cayce there was also a Spiritual Master who lived in Trinidad & Tobago and who happened to be a founder of many Yoga Retreats in North and South America plus Australia. He used Larimar also in his meditation sessions and was convinced of it´s spiritual power and healing properties. In his opinion the Caribbean Islands such as the Dominican Republic were part of the sunken continent of Atlantis.

Following European beliefs in the 1980s Haiti and the Dominican Republic were part of the famed lost continent. 

Since there are many different sources referring to the Hispaniola Island as part of the Atlantean heritage, people still call Larimar today the ´Stone of Atlantis´ as it was found there.

In certain circles, Larimar is referred to be an actual piece of Atlantis.  Other circles, define Larimar as one of the most powerful healing stones on our planet.  For anyone who believe in Cayce predictions Larimar is a priceless artifact of Atlantis and it´s history that’s been lost in modern societies. 

Whether you believe in these predictions or not; Larimar is simply one of the most stunning stones. And isn´t it nice to think that it could also have some healing and spiritual power?


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