The Ultimate Guide to buying LARIMAR Jewelry for your Darling

The Ultimate Guide to buying LARIMAR Jewelry for your Darling

Posted on December 27 2015

Like a dashing debonair, you want to set her in awe. Amidst your boyish whim, macho interests, and romantic shortcomings, somehow there’s a Romeo in you that wants to impress your lady with a sparkler fit for a queen. You thought of this because you want something different, maybe grand for her, timeless even. You want to see that wide-eyed fascination over something you’ve chosen just for her. Good on you!

But let’s admit it, this is a tall task even for suave Casanovas, because you will need to study what she likes on a personal level. And despite being married for 20 years, the details needed span around the many kinds and facets of jewelry. Well, that’s why we’re here. We just can’t let you burn off your efforts!

So button up your shirt, brush up your bed hair, and get ready to discover that precious jewelry for your queen. 


  1. Look at Her Style...  

Check out her wardrobe and jewelry box. Are her clothes casual, sophisticated, or edgy? Is she more into plains, prints, or patterns? Does it match her choice of jewelry? If she’s into laid-back attire with a bohemian flair, she might not like big peal earrings worn by those who are into chic. Same as if she’s into minimalistic choices, she won’t be too happy with a fully embellished necklace.

Getting a good grip of her taste paints a better picture of what jewelry she might like. That doesn’t mean she’d wear all kinds of ornaments. Because even if she’s into abstract art, she may not wear a bracelet simply because she doesn’t. So look into that, too! If you don’t see a certain kind of jewelry in her collection, it’s more likely that she’s not fond of it. And if you delve in deeper, you might learn if she has more silver than gold, if she likes big stones over small gems, and if her pendants have a familiar meaning.

Here’s a sly tip. The next time you go to the mall, stroll along accessories shops and observe what catches her eye or what she tries on. You’ll have a closer view of what really wows her.


  2. Know the Basics...  

Seeing her closet isn’t enough. You also have to know the ABCs of jewelry. Know of good quality because you don’t wanna give her a cuff that rusts after a few months, or a silver necklace that has low class locks. Take note of the right size or take one with you as a guide. A fail gift could be funny, but it’s still a bummer if after all your efforts she’d think you don’t know her well and didn’t think it through.

Another main thing is to know is she’s allergic to metal or other jewel makeups. It’s not a rare case especially for sensitive skin. And unless she’s into girly stuff, remove animal-shaped gems from your list. A jewelry fit for a queen is always classy and elegant. Then again, she could have a collection of such pieces, so it’s important to do your homework well. 


  3. Ask the Pros...  

Aside from jewelry specialists, most women are pros in this arena. And not just any woman, but a better leverage would be to consult her mom, sister, or best friend. They might share similar tastes because of their bond or they may be opposites. That’s a good thing as they can be more specific on giving you instructions. The point is, they know better than you. So ask away!

Although, be sure make them swear into secrecy. Gift-giving and surprises tend to excite women into thinking it’s a proposal. They could be hyped up for a different happening in mind. And, you don’t wanna send the wrong message and consequently disappoint, so be clear with your intentions. Or better yet, just...


  4. Reconsider Buying a Ring...  

Let’s say, you’ve found the perfect ring that has all her favorite elements for your anniversary. It’s posed in a velvet box that you will give her as you finish eating your fine dinner. That scene rings a bell because that’s what you do in traditional proposals. And that is a no-no if you’re not going to propose. Even the sight of ring box would give her THAT impression right away.

So when can you buy her a ring? As long as it’s not on major events and during fine dining. But even ordinary days can spell “proposal” if your gift is in a ring box, so put it in a rectangular-shaped case, in a pouch, or simply greet her with the occasion in mind before putting it on her finger. If you’re already married, you don’t have to worry, but if you’re not, you do not want to ruin one of the best moments in her life, because your sweet gift screamed “Will you marry me?”

If you want to avoid even the slightest hint of it to save your real proposal in the future, then go for a different kind of jewelry. An elegant necklace or a pair of Larimar earrings will depict timelessness without being mistaken for a centuries-old symbol.


  5. Get Personal...  

An intimate gift can top a stunning diamond. Secret messages engraved on the surface and inside the jewelry makes it the only piece in the world. It could be a special date, a meaningful symbol, an inside joke, or terms of endearment. Personalize it with her favorite color, her birthstone, or her trademark icon. If it’s only shared by the two of you, it will beat even the most expensive kind of gemstone.

Best of all, remember that jewelry is an emotional gift. Your mere purpose is to evoke a sweet response from a timeless piece. A romantic venue together with nice music can uplift the vibe. Pair it with a love letter if you want to exude your full blown Romeo. It may not be a proposal yet, but these moments when done right will make you righteous for a Queen that she is.

Last, but not the least, stay classy! You don’t have to buy the rarest jewel, but be sure it’s from a credible, if not world-renowned, source. 

Check out these jewelry pieces that'll captivate your lady at a glance…


Larimar Pendant - Embellished Rectangle, $149 

Cut as a bold cabochon, this Larimar pendant merges the soft brew of the sky in the stone with the delicate contour of the embellished 925 Sterling Silver hook.

  Worn as a talisman and a part of your ensemble, Larimar Stone gifts the eyes with its cooling effect and uplifts the senses with its healing wonders.

 Dug only in the Dominican Republic, Larimar is titled as one of the rarest gems in the world today.






Larimar Open Cuff - Double Stone, $169

 A classic design donned by the modish, our Larimar Open Cuff’s slender band of finished 925 Sterling Silver is curved to create an ajar bracelet that hosts jewels for each end.
Masterfully cut to smoothly slip on and off the wrist and to highlight the ornate trimmings bordering the Larimar
Stones perfectly designed to match the space between the gems.
Widely known as the Atlantis Stone, it is only found in the location of the legendary Atlantis –
in the Caribbean Sea. 





 Be enthralled with a vast teardrop gem bearing strokes of white embers and blue green base.
This Larimar ring is housed on a polished 925 Sterling Silver hoop.
It mirrors the flow and colors of the Caribbean waters where it is born that it’s also named as the “Blue Gem”.
With deeper history matched with its wondersome makeup, Larimar is known more than its glorious façade.
Its beautiful colors vary from green blue, light blue, dark blue and white. As the blue hue deepens, so as its quality. 





Larimar Earrings - Studded Teardrops, $119

Our Studded Teardrops Earrings begin with tiny blue Larimar Stones embraced by 925 Sterling Silver that’s ornately
chiseled to link the larger Larimar gems.
The white showers on top of blue lush veins portray the play of the clouds seen in these pieces of jewel.
Its stunning makeup evokes a calming stance, while its healing powers release negativity and bathes the senses with a cooling flow.





This Larimar collection is a wonderful rarity. It’s sourced, designed, and handcrafted where it’s only found in the world – in the Dominican Republic. That alone, makes it as one of the rarest gems. But what’s astounding is amidst its scarcity and beautiful façade that encapsulates the sky and sea, it also bonds with the body’s vibration to cleanse, cool, and connect.

If you truly wanna get her all starry-eyed, opt for the ones that break design boundaries, but instills an elegant flair. The ones that not only make her look beautiful, but feel beautiful as well.

Larimar pieces are unlike any other. Gift your lady with a jewel that’s as unique as she is.

Check out our jewelry at to get even more inspired.



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