LARIMAR Birthstone: The Divine Jewel of Atlantis

LARIMAR Birthstone: The Divine Jewel of Atlantis

Posted on February 25 2016


In this millennial stripe, we all want to be unique. We crave for our voices to be heard in our own tempo and hope for our styles to be showcased in a positive light. Getting to know what we want ultimately leads to a stronger self. And every bit of confirmation we learn about us, gives us a clearer pathway to our roles in the world. The New Age theory has introduced different ways to understand our inner journeys. There’s alternative medicine, tarot reading, kundalini, theosophy, and other new-found ways for self-development. However, there are ancient forms that still stay true up until this very age like astrology and the significance of birthstones.

Let’s take a closer look!


The Impact of Birthstones

Our personalities are also based from when we were born and most of the time, those who were born on the same zodiac timeline tend to have similar traits. Like how a Virgo man is more precise and a Pisces woman is more artistic. With each month of birth, there’s also corresponding stones that represent various characteristics. These birthstones are in sync with us and help in so many ways. Each birthstone has unique meaning and historical significance. Such stones help develop psychic abilities, enhances creativity, and provide a better understanding of one’s self.

Traditionally, one gemstone is associated for each month, but nowadays, secondary or multiple birthstones are also introduced.


Can I Wear Other Birthstones?

Using your birthstone orchestrates a faster connection and enhances the innate energies you already have, but this doesn’t mean you can only use yours. With other birthstones, you’ll be given its unique healing properties same as what it can bring to a person born on its timeline. Some will only wear their own birthstones, while others look into the color or feel of the stone before they buy one, even if it’s not theirs’s.

A different stone may interest you because of what it represents or mainly for the particular area in can heal, so you might wanna take a peek on some popular birthstones below and see what you like.



Diamond is April’s traditional birthstone. The word Diamond came from the Greek word “adamas” which means “invincible” relating to how it’s almost translucent in nature. It also describes how people born in April tend to display assertiveness and strong leadership skills that most of them are more likely to be extroverted. Aside from being “every girl’s best friend”, diamonds also symbolize eternal love and a start of something new. So it’s not really the Valentine month that holds the love crown, but April.

Diamond dates back billions of years and is the most explored gem in the planet. Wearing one is claimed to bring clarity, balance, and abundance. It is also said to bear healing properties that can increase intellectual capacity, fix insanity, aid for diabetes, tuberculosis, toxins, and alleviate pituitary gland issues. Diamonds are coveted in the world for its perpetual beauty and timeless brilliance.



Found in living mollusk shells, Pearl is the only organic gem in the world. It has a fascinating history as it’s said to have come from the goddess Aphrodite’s eyes. When her tears of joy fell and hardened, it became pearls. People born in June are reminiscent of the fresh rapture that the summer brings and Pearl perfectly captures this significance; it can help June babies enhance their personal growth and authentic energy.

It symbolizes purity, innocence, loyalty, faithfulness, as well as friendship and charity, making Pearls a great gem for marriage and love. It also helps treat health issues related to the heart, spleen, and stomach. It can relieve bloating and ease childbirth pain. Pearls can soothe the mind, prevent hysteria, and even contribute in mental stability. The creamy white radiance of Pearls is a vital element for its withstanding nature.



Ruby is the birthstone of July under the cancer-sun sign. According to folklore, Ruby represents the sun for its intense, undying flame captured in the blood-red gem. It’s crowned by ancient Hindus as the “King of Gems”, as it was believed to protect wearers from all the evils of the world. Given to kings and political leaders in the old times, Ruby was said to enhance their decision-making and leadership skills. Tribal warriors were also captivated by the fiery color of the stone symbolizing war and victory. Up until today, the stone is worn by those who need guidance in important life decisions, especially for financial matters.

Ruby’s blazing shade amplified the spirit of romance in the ancient times. Since then it has been known to embody love, passion, and courage. It was also seen as an amulet of protection, prosperity, and wisdom. Other metaphysical aspects of the Ruby are strength, contentment, harmony, integrity, and protection from evil. Because of the Ruby, July babies are recognized as courageous, confident, devoted, and lively people. 

Healing Properties:

Regulates weight

Good for reproductive organs

Eases childbirth and menstrual pain

Stimulates good blood circulation

Detoxifies the blood, body, and lymph nodes



Linked with the star sign of Virgo, Sapphire is the traditional birthstone of September babies. It was once believed to protect against evil and poison that even a venomous snake would die if it’s placed in a container made of Sapphire. Symbolizing purity and wisdom, it was a favorite among priests and kings. It draws blessings from heaven and has been connected to constancy, sincerity, and truth.

With metaphysical properties like insight, clairvoyance, and interpretation, Sapphire help wash away negative thoughts and vivify the positive powers of the planet Venus. Those who were born in September aligns to the same attributes the Sapphire possesses such as observant, analytical, precise, and as clear as the Sapphire jewel. Bringing lightness and delight as it gives balance in the body, the mind becomes aware of beauty and intuition. And in times when you don’t know where to go, it can give clarity to your thoughts. Popular among Reiki healers, Sapphire can aid in transcending healing powers from the divine into the medium. It also magnifies curing through the voice.

As a symbol of wise leadership, the paler shades of Sapphire are deemed to be good stones for business women and the stone as a whole is ideal for anyone in need of assistance in making their dreams into reality.

Amidst the wide selection of beautiful birthstones, there’s one particular jewel that shimmers among others. It’s one of the rarest healing gemstones that can only be found in one location in the whole world. And as an aficionado for new discovery, we know you’d be interested with this one. It may not be your birthstone, but it’s a precious gem that can be a gift for all.


Larimar Gem as a Birthstone

Larimar is a “new age” birthstone representing the month of March and sometimes, August. Dug deep within the volcanoes surrounded by the Caribbean Sea in Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, Larimar has acquired many names. Although dubbed as the Dolphin Stone, Blue Beauty, and Stephilia’s Stone, there’s one emerging title that has brought Larimar to fame – the Atlantis Stone. This name came from a declaration of a prophet that the Larimar Stone is the healing gem found in the legendary Atlantis. Since Larimar can only be found in one location and Dominican Republic was said to be part of the lost city, Larimar was affirmed as the Atlantis Stone.

The Larimar Birthstone brings patience, respect, and prevents negative emotions that can blanket your mood. As a powerful throat chakra stone, Larimar’s vibration aids for smoother communication and clearer expression. It has a soothing effect that heals inflammation, infections, and muscle tightness. It also reverberates relaxation, clarity, zest, and peace. Inside this beautiful cerulean stone, you’ll see a slow dance of the sky and sea.

Larimar Birthstone Jewelry

Our Larimar jewelry collection exhibits the Larimar birthstone in clever designs coated in timeless elegance. Whether you’re looking for a classic ring adorned with a Larimar birthstone or a contemporary pair of Larimar earrings oozing with edge, our wide array of jewelry will cater to you. Conceived in the cradle of Larimar – the Dominican Republic – our pieces were also designed and handcrafted the local way so as to honor their culture and tradition.

With the majestic brew of white and blue hues captured within the gem, not only the wearer can be captivated, but also the viewer. Simply wearing the Larimar birthstone will remind you of the Caribbean Sea. Remembering how it can wash away a bad mood, you’ll feel energized even without stepping foot in the Caribbean waters. Its calming vibrations will take you there instantaneously.

Larimar may be a March birthstone, but it can smoothly sync to everyone else as it is a powerful healing gem that’s one of the rarest in the world. Let the Larimar Stone cool your senses and bond fresh connections with its celebrated gifts.


Dive into our collection at to find out more about this Caribbean beauty.

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