Why Every Pregnant Woman Needs a LARIMAR Gemstone

Why Every Pregnant Woman Needs a LARIMAR Gemstone

Posted on March 14 2016


Let’s talk about superheroes for a second. There’s your Marvel Comic charmers, every nation’s courageous troops, and music legends like Slash and Jimi Hendrix. Although, even if you mash them all together in one body, the real superhero would still have to be “Mom”. Yes, you!

Starting from the day you knew there’s a little human growing inside you, your quest for saving a life began. Every day that pass by came with different flavors of pain. May it be piercing contractions, intense mood swings, or constant thoughts of how you feel ugly or unworthy, you’ve managed to get rid of it all without batting an eyelash. And it wouldn’t be possible without the boost of family and friends, superb medical care, and healthy alternatives like yoga and meditation.

But just like any superhero, there’s one thing that makes them super. For a pregnant woman, gemstones can give empowering, relaxing, and healing energies by simply wearing, holding, or seeing them from afar. Here’s why it’s a must in a pregnant woman’s journey!


Gemstones for Pregnancy
Gemstones and crystals are great allies for getting pregnant. They can also amplify the tenacity of a mom-to-be during and after pregnancy. This kind of healing can work through vibrations to help facilitate a remedy for the mind and body. A wide range of stones and crystals are amazing for pregnancy support and fertility issues such as Ruby, Cuprite, and Garnet. Sacral Chakra stones help aid good uterine health. Other red stones like Mookaite, Red Calcite, and Red Jasper are also good for grounding. As pregnancy progresses, expectant’s may find themselves in a whole new center of gravity. It can be confusing, but with such stones, balance can be achieved.

Since gemstones are dug deep down caves, volcanoes, and terrains, they are gifted by mother earth. And as they help us become grounded, centered, and balanced, life flows easier. When we are balanced, we make decisions from our hearts not our heads. We become aware that everything has a divine timing and trust the divine plan of our lives. Imagine all these being experienced by a mother-to-be; a gemstone by your side will let your pregnancy smoothly set sail.



How to Choose the Right Gemstone
It’s important to choose a gemstone or crystal that matches your frequency. To do this, hold the crystal in your hand and state your purpose through positive sentences like, “I want to feel strong as I give birth.” If you’re shopping online, think of holding the specific stone, it will bring the same effect. Negative sentences like "I want my fear of giving birth to go away.” hinder the flow of energy as it begins with a negative subject, but starting with affirmative sentences allows a smoother current.
Focus on your purpose, close your eyes, and feel deeply so you can easily sense what you want. When you’ve found it, open yourself to its energies so it can fully influence you. This stone will be with you through your whole journey, so make sure you’ve chosen the one that echoes your intention. There’s a wide array of gemstones offering healing or protective qualities for mothers and babies.

We know it can be overwhelming to find the right fit. That’s why we’ve handpicked three
gemstones that resonate well to every mother-to-be. And one particular gem that we think should be in every pregnant woman’s journey.


Rose Quartz
Known as the “Love Stone”, Rose Quartz or pink quartz is the “bubble bath for the soul”. It’s great for calming Mama and helps in healing after birth. It also eases stress from fertility and the female reproductive system.  Its light color resembles the delicate love of the mother to the baby. As a naturally protective stone, it will keep you and your baby safe in every stage of your pregnancy. It’s a gentle and loving stone you should wear to be in the energy of love. Hold it on your belly while pregnant to create a bond and connect with your baby. Add a few pieces in the bath water and bathe in it and put it next to your bed when you sleep.


Since Moonstone is aligned with the moon, its feminine energy makes it powerful. It’s known as the stone of fertility and helps in balancing the hormones to regulate the menstrual cycle. For pregnant women, moonstones ease stress, fear, tension and helps balance post-pregnancy while stimulating lactation. It brings harmony and good fortune which are important elements when starting a family.

Moonstone heals through elimination of toxins and fluid retention, digestive and reproductive wellbeing, and better hair, skin, and complexion. It’s considered as one of the best gemstones for those who would like to get pregnant and has healing mechanisms all throughout the pregnancy including childbirth and motherhood. Shower your Moonstone with brand new energy by leaving it outside in the open skies overnight so it can soak up the energy of the moon. 


Malachite is dubbed as the “Midwives’ Stone” as it’s known to facilitate a safe birth. It also ease labor pain, stimulate contractions, keep the mother and baby away from harm. Malachite is best at helping the pregnant woman adapt to all the changes she’ll experience during and after pregnancy. It’s also an amazing remedy for menstrual cramps and other female reproductive problems.

Another title that it’s known for is the “Stone of Transformation" as it can aid you in letting go of negative humps and brace you for positive changes. As the stone of birth and rebirth, Malachite will allow you to recall past trauma and dormant emotions, only to release it to the wild so you can experience being reborn into a better you for you and your baby.


Then there’s Larimar, the “Blue Beauty” of the Caribbean Sea. A rare pectolyte mineral dug deep within the volcanoes of the island Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. It’s also celebrated as the “Atlantis Stone” as the location of Larimar is said to be where the Atlantis was once located. A prophet vouched for a powerful blue stone that can be found in the lost city and because of Larimar’s origin and similar characteristics, it was deemed as the gem of Atlantis.
Since the Larimar Stone is created by volcanic activity and is surrounded by the sea, it has harbored both water and fire energies. This combination brings a balance in the contrasting elements and gifts the wearer with the same grounding effect. Thus, it can relieves stress, soothe emotions, and wash negative feelings away – all beneficial to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Complementary to a pregnant woman, it can calm nerves, and bring ultimate relaxation - like being gently carried by the Caribbean waters. And when mommy is happy, the baby is also happy. Larimar also heals pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, anxiety, and postpartum depression. When you use it for meditation, it can aid in smoother communication, better self-expression, and a deeper connection with the divine as it resonates the throat and heart chakras.

Larimar Healing for the Pregnant Woman
The wonderful effects of the Larimar Stone are felt during pregnancy up until labor and into the first months of you and your baby’s life together.

Here are a few of its healing properties:

  •  Regulates the thyroid.
  •  Heals inflammation from pregnancy. 
  •  Aids in eliminating germs, molds, and fungus.
  •  Reduces intensity of hot flashes.
  •  Strengthens the immune system.
  •  Gives relief to throat problems, flu, and fever.
  •  Removes blockages of energy in the body especially in the throat, chest, head,  and neck area.
  •  Teaches love, nurturing, and respect.
  •  Connects you with your innate femininity
  •  Diverts your thoughts from becoming over-critical to yourself and others. 
  •  Allows you to let things happen naturally.
  •  Promotes serenity and tranquility.

Seeing a Larimar Stone from afar already reverberates healing energies, what more if you’re holding or wearing it near your throat or heart chakra? The powerful effect will surely be magnified!

Here are different ways to capture Larimar’s benefits during pregnancy:

  • Wear a Larimar ring or bracelet that you can look at when feeling stressed.
  • Wear a Larimar necklace near the throat chakra for a clearer flow in communication.
  • Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath with a Larimar Stone. 
  • Get a massage with the Larimar Stones placed on strategic points of the body.
  • Sleep with a Larimar cabochon beneath your pillow or place it next to your bed. 
  • Hold it during labor to help ease the pain. 
  • Meditate with it while blue candles are lit. 
  • Recharge it by smudging with sage or putting outside under the sun or moon.

Larimar Jewelry
The Larimar Gemstone is a natural boost to a mother’s innate super powers. Take it with you so you’ll be able to experience a relaxed and healthy pregnancy. With a wide array of jewelry selection exhibiting the beauty of the Larimar Stone, it won’t be long ‘til you find a closer semblance to your style, mood, and intention.

Visit larimar.com to get inspired.

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