About Us

About Us


 About ´Larimar Bliss´ in a nutshell 

~ Western management
combined with Dominican artisans to create a win-win situation for both parties

~ Exclusive online reseller
of high quality Designer Larimar Jewelry by Laura Bonetti.

~ Best Price for Quality
as a business born online we challenge the traditional way of business. We don’t have to pay rent, electricity etc. for an actual shop. Nor do we have any costs for warehouses as all of our items are drop shipped. We have grown organically and with Social Media so have no conventional Marketing expenses. We buy directly from the source with no middlemen. All of these costs typically result in a huge retail markup with the customers being the ones end who end up paying for it. Not with us. We offer the best quality at great prices - because we can afford to.

~ Plus: We also ship worldwide for free.






Passion for Rarity
Larimar cuts through the norms and transcends the rules of creation by blending supreme class and masterful design. 
Paving innovative ways for artistry, we scheme for the bold, the rare, and the new,
so that each jewelry can make every woman feel like a diamond in the rough. 
To enhance the Larimar Stone’s natural beauty, we depict our pieces with an odd elegance paired with exquisite cut – creating a jewelry made only for you.


The Origin
We first set our eyes on the Larimar Stone in the Dominican Republic, and we are enraptured ever since.
There’s magic on the heavenly brew of turquoise and blue veined with white strokes that the mere sight is spellbinding. 
On charm and outer aesthetics alone, we are initially captivated.
However, our curiosity grew into delving deeper simply because such a gem should hold a beautiful mystery beneath its façade. 
What we found urged for this space.





Beyond its Beauty
Larimar is found only in the Caribbean waters of the Dominican Republic where it’s said to be a part of the legendary Atlantis.
An ancient prophet once declared that what made Atlantis special was its blue gem that bears healing powers.
Because of its striking resemblance, Larimar is then named as the Atlantis Stone. Since it’s created by volcanic activity, crystal lovers and spiritual healers also began seeing the gem as a powerful throat chakra stone that aids in expression of emotions and balances water and fire energy. 
Beyond its enchanting guise, it holds wondrous meaning and it catapulted our fascination to something greater.


Sharing it to the World
Larimar’s splendor is for the whole world to see.
That is why we’ve gathered a group of talented local craftsmen backed by a western management to bring this collection to life.
Every single piece of in our jewelry selection is conceived, designed, and handcrafted in the ‘cradle of Larimar’ - in the Dominican Republic,
because we believe that this beautiful stone should be animated at the place where it was born. 
Ethical work standards, a fair-wage-policy, and an exemplary customer service are next to creating high quality art.
With that in mind, we make sure our craftsmen are motivated to follow through with their passion for handcrafting jewelry
and at the same time provide for their families.






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We kindly invite you to write us an email at hello@larimar.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
We deeply appreciate all your support. Thank you!
Your ´Larimar Bliss´ Team



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