about us...

about us...



 About Larimar.com in a nutshell 



~ Western management combined with Dominican artisans to create a win-win situation for both parties

~ Exclusive online reseller of high quality Designer Larimar Jewelry by Laura Bonetti.

~ Best Price for Quality: as a business born online we challenge the traditional way of business. We don’t have to pay rent, electricity etc. for an actual shop. Nor do we have any costs for warehouses as all of our items are drop shipped. We have grown organically and with Social Media so have no conventional Marketing expenses. We buy directly from the source with no middlemen. All of these costs typically result in a huge retail markup with the customers being the ones end who end up paying for it. Not with us. We offer the best quality at great prices - because we can afford to.

~ We also ship worldwide for free.

~ And your Larimar Jewelry comes in a gorgeous high quality Jewelry gift box.









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